Enjoy Mount Victoria

Fancy live music every weekend? How about extravagant, feather-laden showgirls at Mardi Gras events? Or what about a gin tasting evening? Or a maybe you’ll just manage to get a table at one of the regular, pop-up restaurant events featuring multi-awarded chefs at one of the luxurious guesthouses? These are just some of the endless and every changing fun things you can enjoy in Mount Victoria.

Or head out into the great outdoors and discover Mount Victoria’s exhilarating side as you embark on outdoor adventures amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Blue Mountains. Enjoy hiking through ancient forests to incredible waterfalls, conquer rugged trails, breathe in the crisp mountain air or see amazing sunsets from the highest lookouts in the Blue Mountains.

Additionally, with the iconic Mount Vic Flicks featuring both blockbuster and art house films or indeed informative, history laden walking tours where you’ll discover the true origins of Mount Victoria, you’ll quickly realise one weekend is just not enough.

Mount Vic Flicks

Victoria & Albert Guesthouse

Hotel Etico

Mount Victoria Museum