Welcome to Mount Victoria





Visit Mount Victoria and discover the unexpected…

Mount Victoria is unique within the Blue Mountains.  Not only is it the highest point in the Blue Mountains – and the most westerly point before you descend – it’s the most historic, heritage-listed village in the mountains.

Established in 1868, Mount Victoria was a popular place to escape the heat for wealthy Sydney families.  Taking the train into this picturesque ‘hill-station’, they’d stay in mansions and luxury guest houses.

Today, it’s a more modern mountain village, but you can still stay in beautiful hotels , luxurious historic guesthouses and cottages though, perhaps unexpectedly, you can also do a lot, lot more.

You may think that you’ve ‘been there and done that”  in the Blue Mountains, but Mount Victoria is the perfect place to rethink and delve a little deeper.  You’ll be surprised by the wonderful and unexpected things that Mount Victoria has to offer.

Base yourself in Mount Victoria and spend some time enjoying this lovely village. And being only 5 minutes from Blackheath and 15 minutes from Katoomba, it’s the perfect place to also explore everything that the upper mountains have to offer.

From unique antique wares to quirky gift shops, luxurious heritage accommodation and lodge cabins, Mount Victoria is truly historic and unexpected. And it’s the home of the iconic Mount Vic Flicks and the Mount Victoria Museum too.

Enjoy gourmet meals and wine or step back in time and sneak in a Devonshire Tea at a beautiful tea house. Take in the amazing views at Sunset Rock, enjoy a bush walk and see Victoria Falls or journey back in time at Mount York and see where the three explorers discovered how to finally cross the Blue Mountains and get to the other side.

Mount Victoria has so much to offer, both within its historic-self but also as a base for all the close-by attractions, that it makes a perfect place to rethink the Blue Mountains and discover an historic and unexpected place to eat, stay, shop and play.

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